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Benimaru Shinmon's Doppelgänger Edit
Benimaru's Doppelgänger.png
Character Info
Gender Male   Male.png
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 274

This inhabitant of Adolla was the doppelgänger of Benimaru Shinmon.


As a doppelgänger, the creature was nearly identical to Benimaru. He had fair-skinned with neck-long, wavy, black hair that partially coverd the front of his face. His eyes were reminiscent of the tic-tac-toe game. The right pupil was a red circle with a black dot in the middle. The biggest difference between his eyes and the original's was that the doppelgänger's left eye appearances to lack an iris and had a a white cross-shaped pupil that stretches across the darkened sclera.

He wore a happi-style traditional clothing hanging round his waist as he had removed his arms from the sleeves. He wore the Special Fire Force uniform trousers tucked into boots and a white shirt under a black shirt.


Befitting his counterpart, this doppelganger possessed incredulous amounts of power, being acknowledge as one of the most powerful doppelgängers,[1] and theorised to be both what the people of Asakusa believe to be the strongest, as well as Tokyo's idea of the King of Destruction.[2] It could levitate,[3] and was physically strong enough to break concrete.[4]


Red sun.png

Like his counterpart, he was both a Second and Third Generation pyrokinetic. Using his Ignition Ability, he could use Iai Hand-Sword techniques such as Fire Moon, Sunset and Red Sun. Being a Second Generation, he had the ability to control all Ignition Abilities within a diameter of twenty three shaku and two sun,[5] effectively creating a barrier to protect himself.


Great Cataclysm arc

Benimaru Defeats Doppelgänger.png

As a result of the Great Cataclysm Execution Specialist Force sacrificing their lives, the strongest doppelgängers were summoned from Adolla to Tokyo. Shortly after, he approaches Yūichirō Kurono and attacks him.

He was defeated by the real Benimaru.


  • Despite actually manifesting in Chapter 274, the doppelgänger's existence is theorised about in Chapter 230.


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