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Beauty Edit
Character Info
Alias Yata
Voice Actor(s) Shō Hayami (Japanese)
Chris Guerrero (English)
Manga The Road To The Oasis
Anime Road to the Oasis (episode)

Beauty is a crow from the Chinese Peninsula that possesses the ability to talk.


Beauty is pitch black with the exception of their feet and talons. Similar to Schop's scarf, Beauty wears a dark hood and scarf that often hides their eyes. Mysteriously, Beauty's eyes closely resemble an Infernal's, with its left eye occasionally burning into an open flame.


Beauty is confused by many of the traits displayed by the Fire Force team, such as Shinra's ignition ability and eyesight. However, the creature has some knowledge of Tokyo Empire culture. It scolds Schop for recklessly stealing food from humans and appears to be the more logical of the duo. The bird also neglects to mention obvious facts, such as the existence of Infernals in the Oasis, claiming that explanations for the obvious would be redundant.


As a crow, Beauty is able to fly. Due to the Black Lady's influence, it has mastered human speech and has a substantially longer lifespan than the average crow. developed the ability to  Beauty can generate fire than can cut through the hardest of rocks.[1]


Chinese Peninsula arc 

Beauty appears after the Fire Force defeat the large worm monster in their journey to 'the tear in space'. While Beauty and Schop are confused by the firefighters, they agree to guide them to the Oasis and inform them about a dangerous and mysterious group that have appeared in the area. Beauty joins Shinra and Ogun in observing the ancient Infernals was wondering the landscape at night and advises them not to act due to the dangerous landscape.

Arriving at the Oasis.

The next day, the team arrives at the outskirts of the Oasis and Beauty shows Shinra the Tabernacle, a mysterious and ancient Amaterasu-like structure the animals view as a god.


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