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Battle of Amaterasu arc
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Arc Info
Chapters 240241242243244245246247248249250
Arc Chronology
Preceded by Final Pillar arc
Followed by Great Cataclysm arc

The Battle of Amaterasu arc is the twenty-third story arc of the Fire Force manga series. It focuses on the Great Cataclysm in its final stage, with Special Fire Force Company 8 attempting to stop the White-Clad from activating Amaterasu's switch.


Eight Pillars all disappear to the realm of Adolla following the defeat of the Eighth Titanic Infernal. The remaining members of Company 8 ally with Arrow and Ogun to form a united front. Knowing that the White Hoods only need to insert the Key into the Amaterasu Generator to start the cataclysm, the heroes rush to the scene and are joined by You and Lisa. Knocking out the guards, Vulcan and his family are sent inside while the rest of the Company form a defensive line. With a plan barely in place, Company 8 turn to see Ritsu and Charon have arrived with an army of Infernals. Arthur senses the arrival of Dragon and begins to prepare.

Hinawa and Arrow combine their firepower to destroy waves of Infernals and the giants Ritsu forms form the ashes. Maki and Tamaki focus on the hoard and Ogun protects Arrow from Charon's attack. The pair discuss the nature of humanity's desires, with Charon claiming that Haumea's suffering comes from her awareness of the collective thoughts of mankind prove it's dark nature. Ogun respects Charon for the love he shows his charge but plans to stop him. Their fight is even with Charon being countered at every turn, until Ogun tries to trick him into absorbing a punch boosted by Flamey Ink which Charon counters through normal martial arts and then hits with a devastating explosion. Arthur gets ready to fight but Ogun tells him to preserve his strength until Dragon arrives. Ogun continues attacking while struggling to understand Charon's limits, he remembers that the Fire Force work as a team. Standing once more, Ogun continues to fight until he is only able to stand through Flamey Ink. Charon readies a finishing blow but shot in the back by Hinawa's shotgun at the exact moment he was expelling energy, leaving him vulnerable to its full damage and forcing him to let Ogun go. As he collapses, Charon berated by Dragon as he explodes onto the battlefield. Arthur stands tall and clashes with Dragon, his new Excalibur withstanding the pressure and impressing Dragon with his improved technique.

Vulcan, and Lisa make their way to Amaterasu's core, only for an even more monstrous Giovanni to appear behind them. As they battle, Giovanni reveals that Pi was originally an unsolvable mathematical concepts but it was changed during the first incomplete cataclysm. As the concept has shifted along with a number of other features of reality and physics, the Evangelist is now able to reach the final stage of Human evolution: the death of the species. Furthermore, the Evangelist used the Holy Sol temple to plan the ideas of sun worship and 'returning the to great flame' in the ind of all survivors of humanity. With their ideals being built around returning to flame the cataclysm will make that wish reality, turning the Earth into a second sun. With the sun actually being the result of a cataclysm in the past.

Lisa battles as hard as she can, holding back tears as she remembers Giovanni's brainwashing. Vulcan uses her abilities to dispel the bugs that make up Giovanni's illusion of a body, reducing him to a giant bug in a mask. In their moment of victory, Giovanni revives and stings Yū with a bug and he begins screaming. Vulcan immediately radios for support but the entrance outside is blocked by Charon. Hinawa begins unloading velocity rampage shot after shot into the Guardian only for him to endure the damage. Vulcan and Lisa use Licht's advise to destroy Giovanni's swarm and crush his head. Only to find out the bugs that attacked Yū were intended to transfer Giovanni's mind into the child's body. While they were busy destroying the originals form, Giovanni sunk into the core of Amaterasu: inserting the key and triggering the Final Cataclysm.

Outside, Charon stands firm and Dragon's power overwhelms Arthur. The second the key is inserted, Charon reaches the absolute limit of absorption and his body begins to rip apart under the stain. He roars out to Haumea to her suffering is over and the rest is up to her. Seeing that Charon is about to unleash his final attack, Maki and Hinawa combine their powers to redirect the Guardian's dying blast towards Dragon: blasting the titan into space. Arthur immediately recognises that such an attack won't hurt Dragon and that he will return. Captain Obi looks up at the giant eye standing on eight legs gazing down at them and wonders what his happening to their world.


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240 Chapter 240
241 Chapter 241
242 Chapter 242
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244 Chapter 244
245 Chapter 245
246 Chapter 246
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250 Chapter 250


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Battle of Amaterasu arc
Chapters 240241242243244245246247248249250