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Asakusa Showdown arc
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Arc Info
Chapters 220221222223224225226227228229
Arc Chronology
Preceded by Stone Pillars arc
Followed by Kusakabe History arc

The Asakusa Showdown arc is the twentieth story arc of the Fire Force manga series.


Hibana , Licht and Scop theorise about the nature of Adolla and Shinra's recent possession. Meanwhile Shinra and Ōbi discuss the recent changes in the world. All Pryokinetics can feel that their powers have been increasing since the stone pillars emerged. Powerful Third Generations have been effected by the changes in the world more than anyone else. Benimaru suffers from realistic dreams about his master and his strict training. Meanwhile Joker has been having re-occurring dreams of the Demon that killed Leonard Burns rising above the Infernals in Adolla. 

The next day Foien Li addresses Company 1 as its new captain only to be interrupted by the alarm  and they move to exorcise Infernals. Onyango's team focus on the evacuations while Li, Karim and Konyango confront these Infernals. The fight against these talking Infernals is ended by a doppelgänger summoned by Haumea destorys them and leaves Company 1 alone and files to Sumida Bay. 

While Company 2 and Haijima Industries handle the giant Infernal that has appeared with the 6th Stone Pillar, Benimaru realises that the 7th Infernal is is identical to his foster father, Hibachi Shinmon. Beniamru files out to the bay to battle it alone. The Doppelgänger's raw offense easily overwhlems Benimaru, knocking him into the waters below and chastising the Captain for his inability to use Sun Wheel. As the battle becomes more and more intense, with the Demon firing dangerous attacks towards the coastline, the combined power of both Shinmons causes the Adolla realm to effect even the waves beneath them. Company 7 arrive and see the fight between their two leaders and begin to celebrate the spectacle of battle. Hibachi uses Moonlight to blind Benimaru before unleashing Burning Sun from beneath his target. Despite the attack's incredible power, Benimaru is able to use his Second Generation abilities to survive unharmed. Benimaru finally bows before the Demon, now ready to kill him.

Benimaru finally bows before the demon, promising to never bring shame on the "Shinmon" name. Now ready to kill his master's doppelganger, Benimaru unleashes his perfected Sun Wheel. He then jumps from his matoi and reveals that he has combined Hibachi's Sun Wheel with Konro's Crimson Moon for his own attack: Crimson Moon's Sun Wheel. Completely obliterated, the doppelganger finally praises Benimaru's strength.

Returning to the shore, Benimaru and Konro talk about their master's intentions and hope this was a spectacle worthy of him. Seeing Konro crying for the both of them, Benimaru tells his lieutenant he will be relying on him as their look at the end result of his attack in the skyline includes a second, smiling moon appearing above them.


# English title Japan Release English Release
220 Chapter 220
221 Chapter 221
222 Chapter 222
223 Chapter 223
224 Chapter 224
225 Chapter 225
226 Chapter 226
227 Chapter 227
228 Chapter 228
229 Chapter 229


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Asakusa Showdown arc
Chapters 220221222223224225226227228229