Asako Arg Edit


Asako Arg

Character Info
Gender Female   Female
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sōichirō Arg (Grandfather)
Voice Actor(s) Sarah Wiedenheft (English)
Technical Info
Type Second Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 6
Rank Lieutenant
Manga Fire Force of "Wisdom"
Anime Smiles
Asako Arg is the Lieutenant of Special Fire Force Company 6.

Appearance Edit

Asako notable resembles her grandfather Sōichirō, especially the round shape of her glasses. She has short fair hair and thick eyebrows. Her uniform consists of a white collared shirt under a darker layer and a white apron, fastened in place by a slash. She wears an armband that bears the Cross of the Holy Sol Temple, signifying Company 6's involvement to the institution.

Plot Edit

Netherworld arc Edit

Following Company 8's attack on the White Hoods, Asako searches for her Captain in order to help save Shinra Kusakabe. Kayoko Huang returns from battling an Infernal and begins the surgery.

Onyango visits Company 6. While talking with him, Asako comes across Burns and Shinra sparing outside. While she tries to intervene, Onyango stops her and convinces her to simply leave them be, despite her concerns about Shinra's health.

VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 arc Edit

Asako accompanies Shinra to meet with her grandfather.

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