An Infernal with a Will
Chapter 10
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Chapter Info
Japanese 意志を持つ"焰ビト"
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 10
Pages 18
Volume Hero or Devil
Release Info
Japan December 2, 2015
No new characters
Pusu Pusu Comet☆

An Infernal with a Will (意志を持つ"焰ビト", Ishi o Motsu "Homura Bito") is the tenth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.


Setsuo uses his newly acquired powers to kill innocent people and the judge in the courthouse. In the meantime, Arthur and Shinra notice the Matchbox passing through, with Takehisa announcing to the public that a Flame Human has awakened. From inside the vehicle, Takehisa scolds the two Fire Officers for wandering off and promises to punish them, while Maki apologises to the two for getting them in such a mess. Shinra gives the balloons to Mamoru and uses his ability to fly and catch up to the moving vehicle, with Arthur jumping on Shinra to grab a lift. Takehisa informs the two that a Flame Human was spotted in the courthouse and tells the two to go on ahead, while the rest of the brigade will catch up with them soon. In the courthouse, Setsuo grabs his lawyer, telling the man that his life now belongs to the Flame Human. From out of the blue, Arthur and Shinra attack Setsuo, with Arthur delivering a backwards fist. The two then perform a collaborative attack. Setsuo targets an innocent girl in the area for his attack, but she is saved by Maki. Realising his predicament, the Flame Human tries to surrender, hoping that his life would be spared, but is shot at by Takehisa. In retaliation, he uses his flames to distract the man, allowing himself to run away. Setsuo then promises the brigade that he will kill innocent people just like Special Fire Brigades kill Flame Humans. In order to deal with such a threat, Takehisa and Akitaru ask Shinra to catch up to the Flame Human using his ability and dispose of him, which Shinra promises to do in order to save the lives of innocent people.

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