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Adolla Link
Adolla Link Legs
Kanji アドラリンク
Romaji Adora Rinku
Technique Info
Classification Supplementary
Manga For Whom The Flame Burns

The Adolla Link (アドラリンク, Adora Rinku) is a phenomenon that occurs when somebody experiences a connection to the world of Adolla, or a connection to another individual who is connected to Adolla.


Ultimately, the exact nature of the Adolla Link is still a mystery, though it seems to be an experience that connects a human to the Adolla realm, or to an Adolla being, such as the Evangelist or the Woman in Black. The Adolla Link is formed by exposure to entities from Adolla; such as an Adolla Burst, a Demon Infernal, or an otherworldly being like the Evangelist.

Fire Force-Stigma

Users that have been scarred.

Because the realm of Adolla is beyond what an ordinary human can handle, experiencing an Adolla Link will cause a person to experience a tremendous sensation that is difficult to put into words, and they will have to pay a price of permanent physical damage. This damage can be very different from person to person, though it is usually the loss of one of their eyes. This scar is know as a Stigma.

Alternatively, for a human with an Adolla Burst, the Adolla Link is more "mundane" and easier to handle, and the individual does not get scarred. Furthermore, while ordinary people only experience an Adolla Link for a moment or two before being overwhelmed, a person with the Adolla Burst can be linked for several minutes without any strain.

When the Adolla Link is made, the individual will experience either a strange physical sensation or a series of visions, or both. All of these visions feature the Adolla Realm's black burning landscape. While it is possible for someone to establish the Link intentionally, it can also be triggered unintentionally by strong emotions.


The Adolla Link can be used to receive an Adolla Grace; when an individual with an Adolla Burst links to an otherworldly being, said being can grant the individual an extraordinary power boost to their Ignition Ability. In some cases, the enhancement is enough for the individual to defy the laws of physics.

The link can also be used to connect the minds of two individuals who both possess an Adolla Burst. Shinra Kusakabe used the Adolla Link to share his memories and emotions with his little brother, Shō. The link can be taken a step further, allowing Adolla Burst holders to have a full conversation through the Adolla Link within a shared vision. It is also possible for users of the Adolla Burst to sense each other through this connection, as Shinra and Shō could detect each other through the Adolla.

The Adolla Link can even be used to sense the emotions and hear the words of people who don’t possess an Adolla Burst, such as when Shinra sensed Konro's desperation, or when he sensed Giovanni's murderous intent. However, according to Giovanni, an Adolla Burst user can only Link with someone who has made a connection with Adolla; such as how Giovanni experimented on himself to become one with the Adolla insects, or how Konro suffered a stigma in battle against his Adolla Doppelgänger.

Additionally, those with the Adolla Burst are able to transfer emotions to each other through this mysterious power. The First Pillar was able to transfer her rage and madness into Shinra and influence his actions.


At some point in the past, Sōichirō Hague experienced an Adolla Link in which he saw a bright light for a brief moment when an Infernal scratched his face, causing his scar and spiritual awakening.

Five-Two & Burns have Adolla Link (Anime)

Burns and Joker see the Evangelist.

Leonard Burns and Joker shared an Adolla Link more than twelve years ago. An Infernal outbreak had occurred at the Amaterasu power plant; Leonard Burns of Special Fire Force Company 1 and Joker, then known as Five-Two of the Holy Sol's Shadow, came across one of the Infernals. When the infernal roared at them, they experienced the realm of Adolla and beared witness to a vision of the Evangelist. During the experience, Five-Two grabbed some of Adolla's ebony soil, and when the vision ended, he found a small dark stone generating black flames in the palm of his hand. Experiencing Adolla caused Leonard to lose his right eye while Joker lost his left eye. The stone was sealed in a jar where it still burns to this day.

During the assault on Asakusa by the White-Clad, Shinra had an Adolla link that transmitted the desperatation of Lieutenant Konro of Special Fire Force Company 7.

While trying to recruit Vulcan Joseph to Special Fire Force Company 8, Shinra experienced an Adolla Link that told him Dr. Giovanni was planning to kill Vulcan.

During Shinra's battle with Shō in the Netherworld, Shinra formed a link with Shō so as to piggyback on the Grace that Shō received from the Evangelist, granting Shinra a power boost from the Grace as well. Shinra later used the link to reveal his memories to Shō so that he could bring the younger brother back to his senses after years of being brainwashed by the Evangelist and the White-Clad.

Hitohashira Me controlling shinra

The First Pillar controlling Shinra.

When Shinra visited Special Fire Force Company 4 to speak with Captain Hague, Amaterasu established an Adolla Link with Shinra, transferring her rage and madness into him under the guise of satisfying the need to avenge his family. This caused Shinra to completely lose control of himself and become highly aggressive towards those around him. He even went as far as to say that he would gladly give up his dream of being a hero and instead become a devil. After Shinra broke free of Amaterasu's influence with the help of Arthur Boyle, she taunted Shinra by keeping the information she might have had about his mother and disappeared into the flames as she told him that The Fifth Pillar would soon surface.

Amaterasu later made contact with The Fifth Pillar, Inca, letting her know that great danger was coming for her.

Adolla link

Shinra hearing Nataku's pain.

While visiting Haijima Industries, Shinra experienced a brief Adolla Link with Nataku Son, who, at the time, was thinking about how much he wanted to go home to his family. Later, when Nataku was trapped inside of Ritsu's giant Infernal, Shinra linked with Nataku once more, giving Shinra insight about the pressure Nataku feels and his secret desire to be allowed to be weak.

While training to achieve Hysterical Strength, Shinra experienced a Link with Captain Hague, revealing to him that the Captain had been killed.


  • Keeping in line with the name change of Adolla Burst, Adolla Link is renamed to Pavitr Link in the Hindi dub of the anime.


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