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Adolla Link
Five-Two & Burns have Adolla Link
Kanji アドラリンク
Romaji Adora Rinku
Technique Info
Classification Supplementary
Manga For Whom The Flame Burns

The Adolla Link (アドラリンク, Adora Rinku) is a phenomenon that occurs when somebody experiences a connection to the world of Adolla or the Adolla Burst.

Overview Edit

Though still a mystery, the Adolla Link seems to be an experience that connects a human to the Adolla or the Evangalist. Those with the Adolla Burst are able to experience the Adolla Link as a physical sensation or a series of visions. These sensation are normally triggered by powerful emotions. Shinra Kusakabe has also shown the ability to sense the strong emotions through the Adolla, such as Konro's desperation or Giovanni's murderous intent. However, he was not able to directly respond to these feelings and he did not experience a vision.

It is possible for users of the Adolla Burst to sense each other through this connection as Shinra and Shō could detect each other through the Adolla. Additionally, those with the Adolla Burst are also able to transfer emotions to each other through this mysterious power and directly converse within the shared vision. Such as Tatsu using his connection to call for help in a vision, while The First Pillar was able to transfer her rage into Shinra and influence his actions. Both Kusakabe brothers were also able to share memories and imaginary with each other during their mental conversation. All of these visions feature the Adolla Realm as a landscape. 

In certain events, such as being attacked by unusual Infernals, normal humans can briefly establish a link to the otherworldly flames. These experiences can leave lasting physical damage and can be extremely different from individual to individual. Sōichirō Arg saw a bright light for a brief moment when an Infernal scratched his face, causing his scar and spiritual awakening. Meanwhile, Leonard Burns was physically transported into the Adolla for a brief period and had his eye severely burned as a result. All those who experience the Adolla Link this way are left with scars called the Stigma.

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