Adolla Burst
Adolla Burst
Kanji アドラバースト
Romaji Adora Bāsuto
Technique Info
Classification Supplementary
Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force

The Adolla Burst (アドラバースト, Adora Bāsuto), also known as the Genesis Flame, is a flame or energy that originates from Adolla that is regarded as the original flame,[1] and as being pure and 'unsullied'.[2] Within the scientific community, it is referred to as the Flames of Destruction.


Shō's Power Awakens

Shō's Adolla Burst awakens.

The Adolla Burst is believed to be in the possession of few Third Generation pyrokinetics, who are descendants of the Sun God and his lineage.[3] An Adolla Burst is the functional heart of Amaterasu and produces the unlimited energy enjoyed by Tokyo. There are no specific explanations as to how the flames differ from regular fire.[4]

Adolla Bursts originate from Adolla, an alternative, little-understood dimension from which the Evangelist originates. Being from an alternate world, the Adolla Bursts do not conform to the physical laws of Earth and can effect powers considered impossible even for Pyrokinesis, such as stealing the thermal expansion of the universe to stop time or to move faster-than-light/back in time. The true nature of the Adolla Bursts are unknown; while Adolla bursts were incontrovertably the cause of the Great Cataclysm, Adolla Bursts have also been used to restore vibrant life to otherwise barren land.

The one unifying property of all Adolla Bursts is that they are connected with Adolla and, in turn, connected to everything else connected to Adolla. This is the source of the Adolla Link.

People with an Adolla Burst can be located using a special parasite, or a device constructed by Haijima Industries.[5] The Adolla Bursts were the flames that erupted around the world hundreds of years ago during the Great Disaster.


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