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Adolla (アドラ, Adora), also referred to as Hell (地獄, Jigoku) in another era,[1] is the world from which the Adolla Burst[2] originates.


Shinras vision of the Adolla hellscape.

Visions caused by the Adolla Link present Adolla as an endless landscape of blackened earth and black flames under a sickly pale-gray sky. Some of these visions feature burning human bones scattered around, while other visions do not show them.[3] Strange structures and large orbiting bodies with eyes can also be present. Sho refers to this realm as another dimension that exists beyond the normal world.

The realm of Adolla is beyond what an ordinary human can handle, anyone who has experienced a vision of Adolla via an Adolla Link felt tremendously overwhelmed during the experience and lost one of their eyes, as was the case with Leonard Burns, Sōichirō Hague, and Joker. However, this is not the case for people who possess an Adolla Burst; they are able to experience Adolla casually and their eyes remain intact. Sōichirō theorized that possessing an Adolla Burst made the connection to Adolla more "mundane".

Two people connected through the collective subconscious.

Adolla is directly linked to the collective subconscious of humanity. When the Great Cataclysm ignited, it was humanity’s despair and fear of death that fueled the flames, allowing them to nearly destroy everything. The reverse is also true, positivity and hope can weaken the flames and stop them from spreading. Furthermore, Adolla is home to Doppelgängers, alternate versions of people who live in the human realm. For each and every person, an Adolla Doppelgänger exists. They are born from how a majority of other people view their human world counterpart. As a result, if a compassionate person is widely believed to villainous, then the doppelgänger will be villainous. Spontaneous Human Combustion is caused by the encroachment of a doppelgänger into their human counterpart. Notably, the collective unconscious can more easily flow through people in a place where the population has little to no spiritual root. The Evangelist chose Japan as the source of the Great Cataclysm because it had a large number of atheists.

Giovanni claims that the Evangelist and the insects are both from the Adolla realm. It is implied that the Tear in Space located on the Chinese Peninsula connects both planes of existence together, yet humans are unable to enter it, while the Evangelist emerged from the Tear in Space. According to the Woman in Black, the Evangelist has been showing others visions of Adolla and inspired mankind's ideologies, mythologies, and various religions behind the scenes and created the modern day's idea of God.

It is the stated goal of the White-Clad on behalf of the Evangelist to use the Adolla Bursts to fully encroach Adolla onto Earth, with the original Great Cataclysm being a failed attempt at this. The results of the two worlds overlapping fully are unknown, but presumed to involve the complete burning of the world. However, due to the poorly-understood nature of this other world, it is unknown if this is truly what will happen. According to statements from both Giovanni and Rekka, merging Adolla and earth will turn the earth into another sun where only those who possesses ignition abilities will be able to survive while everyone else is burned away.


  • The author has used the kanji "異界", meaning spirit world or underworld, to describe Adolla.
    • Other translations include different world or alien world.
    • The image of Adolla as a burning wasteland mirrors images of Hell like that seen in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
  • When Leonard Burns and Joker experienced their Adolla Link, Joker grabbed some of the obsidian-colored soil, and when the vision ended, a dark colored stone generating black flames was found in Jokers hand. The rock was sealed in a jar where it continues to burn to this day.


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