3 Angels of the 5th
3 Angels of the 5th
Kanji 5thエンジェルス3
Rōmaji 5th Enjurusu 3
Professional Status
Affiliation Special Fire Force Company 5
Status Active
Manga Company 5 and Company 8
Anime The Battle Begins (episode)

The 3 Angels of the 5th (5thエンジェルス3, 5th Enjurusu 3) are a group of identically dressed female fire soldiers from the Special Fire Force Company 5. Despite initial appearances and name, there are at least 15 members of this group. At least one of the women possesses an Ignition Ability, making her a Third Generation.[1]


All members of this group are are identical in appearance, with each of them wearing revealing leather bodysuits which have the luminescent stripes commonly featured on typical bunker gear. They are shown to be rather busty, fair-haired women with curvy figures. They possess gloves, as well as black shades, small leather beanie hats and the blue lines on all bunker uniforms.


Members of the Angels appeared with other members of Company 5 to capture Setsuo for Captain Hibana's experiments. When Shinra tries to stop them, the three Angels hold the younger officer down until an enraged Shinra manages to kick them away. The team with their Battalion Commander then prepared to face-off against Special Fire Force Company 8, but departed from the scene along with the rest of the company without any signs of struggle from either brigades.

When the Fire Force Company 8 storms the Special Fire Force Combine 5, the group descends upon the battlefield and confronts Takehisa Hinawa and Maki Oze, but the group find themselves overwhelmed by the pair. As Shinra was searching for Hibana, three of the groups members attempted to stop him, but were easily defeated. They later appear at the dinner party between Company 5 and Company 8, being impressed with Maki's theatrics.

Later, members of the Angels inform their captain of Company 8's actions within the Netherworld.


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