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Kanji 119 (119, ワンワンニャイン)
Rōmaji Wan Wan Nyain
Professional Status
Affiliation The Fire Defense Agency
Status Active
Manga Rookie Fire Soldier Games
Known Members

119 (119, ワンワンニャイン, Wan Wan Nyain) is a collective team-name for the mascots of The Fire Defense Agency.


119 is a mascot team, initially made up of two dogs and a cat, which are affiliated with The Fire Defense Agency. Following complaints from the Defence Agency's upper management, the design of one of the mascots was changed from a dog to a elderly man who resembled a dog. Despite this modification the trio appear popular, with merchandise including balloons and action figures.

They made an appearance and represented The Fire Defense Agency at the Rookie Fire Soldier Games. Later a Mamoru ran into trouble with a group of college students who were upset about the serial killer Setsuo Miyamoto escaping punishment because of role as a fire-fighter. The group later appear in the Special Fire Force Training School under the control of Haumea to attack Shinra but are restrained by Captain Arg.


  • The pronunciation of 119 (ワンワンニャイン, Wan Wan Nyain) is a pun on the onomatopoeia for "woof woof meow", given that there are two dogs and a cat on the team.
  • 119 is the direct dial emergency number for connecting the caller to the Fire Brigade and Emergency Medical Services in Japan.
  • While Karin attempts to attack Shinra in the Mamoru costume, it is doubtful he is the same person wearing the suit earlier in the series given how Karin antagonises Shinra while the pervious Mamoru was polite towards the boy. Implying there are multiple 119 teams with different people behind the masks.

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